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    Candidates seeking new career opportunities do NOT pay a fee. RSI-BEST Group’s clients employ us as hiring agents for
    their firms.  As such, those companies pay RSI-BEST Group for their time.    

    RSI-BEST Group helps each candidate in every way possible to find the BEST position for their talents.
    Candidates can depend on RSI-BEST Group to provide:

  • personal, face-to-face interview
  • background checks
  • reference checks
  • appointment coordination
  • company-to-candidate liaison
  • interview preparation
  • career guidance

    Client and candidate face-to-face meetings are not arranged unless RSI-BEST Group has specifically matched a candidate's
    talents, desires and personality with the needs and
    environment of the client. From the first meeting with a candidate to learn
    about that person’s desires, talents and requirements, to the last meeting after a candidate becomes an employee, RSI Group
    makes a person’s search easier and faster


    RSI-BEST Group focuses on each candidate's short and long-term career and personal goals, provides individualized attention and forms a complete partnership with each candidate.

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