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Employer Services

RSI-BEST Group should be your single source for your top talent. We believe in developing the best solution for your search and recruitment projects by customizing our searches and agreements to your needs.

With so many Americans looking for work, it should be relatively easy for you to find the right person for your opening.  Not so.

  • Advertisements for job openings today are flooding employers with resumes, but all indications are present that the people looking at classified ads are the best of the unhappy, the best of the unemployed, and the best of the unqualified. 
  • Resumes received are from people desperate to find a job and figure sending a resume to a job they are not qualified for will at least get them in the door. 

How much needless time, effort and money are you spending on sifting through the junk? 

You say that you’ve received a resume of someone absolutely qualified for the position; as a matter of fact they have everything. Think you are getting a great deal?

  • During a recession, candidates settle for jobs they previously thought were beneath them. 
  • When the economy turns around.  That candidate you hired won’t settle any longer.  They’re gone…for a higher-level job, better pay, and better cultural fit.

How much is that turnover going to cost you? 


RSI-BEST Group has the contacts in the industry and the partnerships with the right
izations to bring you the best qualified talent that fit into your organization as well.

With RSI-BEST Group you only have one point of contact yet receive a team of people working on your projects. No need to have multiple recruiting firms working on an opening when utilizing RSI-BEST Group will give the results of multiple recruiters without the stress of trying to work with numerous people.

When you take advantage of RSI-BEST Group’s confidential Team approach to Search and Recruitment, you get the best of the best without wasted time and money.